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The Mt Pleasant Creek Catchment Landcare group was formed in January 2002 and covers approximately 18,300 hectares.  The area is the catchment area of the Mt Pleasant Creek, approximately bounded by: the Bendigo-Murchison Road to the north, the ridgetop of the Mt Camel range to the east, the Campaspe Shire boundary to the south and the Muskerry East School Rd to the west. 

The Group area is contained almost entirely within the catchment of the Mt Pleasant Creek, which feeds in to the Campaspe River at Runnymede, about 5km south of Elmore.  Toolleen is the only township within the Landcare area but the group covers the localities of Toolleen, Myola, Myola East and Muskerry East. 

There are around 70 farming families in the Landcare area, with the average size of farm holdings being around 300 hectares.  Lifestyle farmers abound, with around 12% of the area taken up in properties of around 30 hectares of more intensive or alternative agricultural practices such as olives, goats, vineyards and eucalyptus.

Activities have looked at various issues from weeds and native vegetation to soil health and salinity/water quality. The group have been involved in a Spiny Rush control program; erosion control/gully stabilisation projects; revegetation projects and underground water monitoring through planned installation of bores within the area.